Good Morning Vietnam - Cu Chi, Vietnam 3rd Squadron 4 US Calvary
(3/4 Cav)
25th Infantry Division
1965 - 1966

I was still a high school senior when the 25th Infantry Division got the call to
provide GI’s to ride shotgun on their Huey’s, this was in 1963 by 1966 it had
come to an end.  Yes, by 1965 the entire division was called, full force, into
Vietnam.  Though I had a cushy job at the time in the Commo Shack (S/4), I
jumped on the chance to become an Aerial Door Gunner.  After passing the
Class III flight physical exam, the whole nine yards plus a session with a
Shrink I was in.  However 3 weeks into a 4 week training session the Division
was activated and I lost out on the chance for what at that time appeared to be
a great adventure.  Funny what one will do when his young.
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Ronald Wilson Reagen
February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004
"...peace is the highest aspiration for the
American people.  We will negotiate for it;
sacrifice for it; we will not surrender for
it, now or ever."     Ronald Reagan
I wish to express my thanks to former President
Ronald Reagan, who informed the world that the
Vietnam Veteran served their country with dignity,
honor and pride and deserved the respect of this
once ungreatful nation.
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