Welcome once again to queskorner, home of the ORIGINAL
QMAN, aka "Q", kyuman, kueman, cueman and many
others.  I do not believe myself to be boasting when I note,
many have often attempted to imitate me but none can
duplicate me.  Sometime in 1964 my Army buddies who
could not pronounce Quintana simple started calling me
Brother Q and that moniker has followed me in one form or
another since then.  I am back after almost an 8 month
involvement in my latest venture, that being running for the
Adams 14 Board of Education, yes thanks to my family and
friends I was elected to the School Board and I am ever so
thankful to the 1075 citizens who cast their vote for me.  I
was told by the experts in School Board 101 that I had 2
years to learn the job, however I intend to be at full speed by
the end of my first year.  Yes I am back and revamping my
website to focus on the variety of task I am presently engaged
Again thank you Adams 14 for electing me to the A14 BOE.  
election and a part of my campaign.
Adams 14 voters for your continued support.