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FEBRUARY 24, 2006


Good Morning Commerce City!  If perhaps you may be wondering why my morning report is being posted later and
later each day allow me to explain.  While my focus still remains on updating the community on what is happening
here in CC during the past 24 hours of so, I am also involved with individuals located in a number of other
communities.  Each morning I am providing them with updates via E-mail on issues taking place in our State House
or Capitol.  Many of the issues that affect the citizens of our community also impact their communities and working
together perhaps we can get some laws passed or stopped that impact us all.

Last evening members and supporters of the Monaco Community Improvement Group meet and we had a lengthy
although very productive meeting.  I must say that as a member of the Monaco Community I am very fortunate this
group has been in existence for 10 years.  As I look around at the improvements in my neighbor hood, pave streets,
sidewalks, and lighting and much more, these are projects that were spearheaded by this group of citizens.  They
have worked endless hours with the various governments that oversee or somehow affect our community and still
are the leaders that continue to push for a better way of life for all of the Monaco Community.  

Issues covered in our meeting included, the curtailing of train noise that wake members of the area in the early
morning hours.  A very exciting discussion on the annexation of the community by CC, a discussion that will be
followed up in the not to distant future with answers to the many questions that were brought up.  Thoughts on how
we can include more and more of the Hispanic community into the groups were also discussed.  

The main focus of the meeting evolved around an effort to gather together with community of Perl Mack and what is
called the Goat Hill community to celebrate and share goals and hopes for future relationships with neighborhood
groups.  Also included in this joint meeting each group will share their history, goals and issues.  It is expected that
County Commissioners will be present to speak to the groups.  More details on this venture later.

On another note, some may have read my last editorial I made mention of the recognition of John Lange and his
efforts in restoring and developing the music programs in the school district.  I joined with the community members in
congratulating John in this effort and furthermore his acknowledgement of the workers at all levels in the district in
this effort.  Yesterday in an article written by Monte Whaley, John’s efforts were displayed for the state to see a very
positive picture of the students, the school district and the community.  I encourage all to read the story and I will
attempt to put a link to the story on my site.  Once again I join with the community in saying thanks to the School
District, its administration and the members of the school staff for this accomplishment.