An open and signed letter to the editors of The Gateway:

I was given the assurance that my comments would be printed as I submitted them to the Gateway.  However now I
am being informed I would have to limit my comments to 850 words.  I have reduced my original comments of 2300
words to around 1100, which puts me on an equal footing as the puppy if you include the space of the cartoon on
their flyer.

I shall not endeavor to go over the comments I recently submitted to the Beacon and presently have posted on my
web site,  I do wish to address a few items about the tabloid, and I use the term loosely, called
the “Watch Dog” or as I prefer to call it the watch puppy.  

My wife and I worked hand in hand on the passage of the last school bond for the children of this community.  I was
reflecting on this when I recently read a letter addressed to the both of us by Rick Boos, a past Chief Operating
Officer for the district, thanking the both of us for our efforts in the last bond election. My wife worked extremely hard
on this during a time she was recovering from cancer.  She in my estimation is probably one of the school districts
finest community ambassadors.  I have lost count of the numerous parents and children who seek her out in the
shopping market, community meetings and approach her with the affectionate title of Miss Connie.  

I am trying very hard to recall if I have ever expressed my position in my articles or to anyone on such topics as
charter schools or school vouchers.  Yet somehow I have been tied the supporters of those movement, not that I
have anything against them or their thinking.  So how you may ask did this come about?  Some background to
began with.  My house is located in a secluded area of Commerce City, truth be known if we have a half dozen
vehicles pass by daily I conceder it to be a high traffic day and that would include the mail man.  

As a citizen I believe it my right and privilege to post whatever sign in support of whatever cause I desire.  I figure I
have earned my stripes in doing so by paying my taxes and in service to my country and community.  My tour of duty
in Vietnam in itself qualified me for this right, but added to this was having to walk out of the gates when discharged
in Oakland, California and being cussed at, called a baby killer and spat upon by those whose freedom I severed to
protect, like the individuals who floated the puppy.

Yes I display my signs just as proudly as I display the awards I received as a soldier in United States Army.  Many of
my signs could have been considered controversial, however it was not until I displayed signs supporting two recent
School Board Candidates, did my property get vandalized, the only time in over twenty years of living there.  The
actions of these vigilantes were reported to the Sheriffs Department, and I wonder about the mentality of these
individuals and their supporters.

As a point of reference I will state that my choice in the candidates was guided by the simple factor centering on the
turmoil existed in the school board prior to this past election.  Public outbursts that were allowed to take place, this
contrary to board policy.  I simply wanted to see new blood on the board.  If no candidates had been available to run
against the incumbents I would have considered nominating Snow White and any one of the seven dwarfs just to
see a change in the School Board.  Fortunately we had a choice of other candidates and we displayed their signs.   

The situation in many school board meeting had reached a point that eventually the board had to post additional
police in the meetings.  At one point an individual had to be escorted out of the meeting by these officers.  You can
imagine how surprised I was when I saw The Gateway had selected the individual as citizen of the week.  As much
chaos as I am suppose to cause in this community this should entitled me to be citizen of the year.

Let me now ask the readers of this article, who can it be determined to have any degree of credibility?  Myself whose
actions are done openly and focused on the good of every segment of our community.  Or, the actions of cowards
who server only their own selfish needs and desires.  Unnamed individuals who place the safety of those in our
community in danger not to mention the safety of the students of this community.  

You can imagine how delighted I was when Ms. McIntyre, the Editor In Chief of The Gateway made the following
proclamation in her editorial in the February 3rd edition of her paper in relation to another topic.  Her statement
read, “I did not cause any vigilantism, I did not cause anyone to be harassed, I am not un-American, I am a
Christian, I am a good journalist”.  I cannot understand with this proclamation how she can allow her paper to print
an unsigned flyer that is counter to her declaration.

I do not dispute Ms. McIntyre’s convictions and principles, however this was the same argument used by supporters
of the nightriders who held positions of trust during the daylight.  They were Judges, Mayors, Educators, and yes
Ministers, but at night put on their robes and hoods and terrorized those they opposed.

Scripture inform us that, “You shall know them by their fruits”.  The fruits (actions) of those who put together the
watch puppy placed the welfare of school district employees, school board members and the children in danger,
from your statements I am sure these are not your fruits, Ms. McIntyre, so I ask why do you lend your credibility and
the credibility of your paper already struggling to remain solvent, to support them?

The unnamed writers of this flyer do this so that they will not be held responsible for their actions.  It is for this
reason that in some respects I applaud The Gateway for printing this unsigned editorial.  This I think now makes The
Gateway culpable for any harmful actions that may result against an employee of the district, a school board
member or heaven forbid a child.  We in the community now have someone we can identify with who places their
interest ahead of the safety of the children of the district.