My Response to the "Watch Puppy"

I also many years ago floated an underground paper, much more professionally written then the watch puppy’s
attempt, called El Grito, the Shout.  This paper not only reached the community as it was then called Derby, but the
better part of the Denver Hispanic Community.  I was on of many contributors to this paper and passed copies
openly to anyone who would accept a copy.  Like the other writers in this paper we all did not hesitate to identify
ourselves and many of us found our names listed in the files of law enforcement agencies at a local and national
level.  I didn’t regret my actions then and I do not now for I stand by my convictions, now my response to the watch

I am patting my self on the back and offering myself a word of congratulations.  I just received a copy of what I guess
is suppose to be some semblance of a news paper or tabloid, call the Watch Dog, here after I must refer to it as the
Watch Puppy.  First so that the puppies that put together this tabloid can better inform their public let me tell them
who in fact I am.  My name incidentally is not Mr. Elder Larry Quintana.  Elder is a title I was given after being
ordained in one our nations largest African American Denominations.  I use Elder because I prefer this title to that of
Reverend, but I am just as comfortable to be known as Mr. Larry Quintana, Larry or as my associates prefer to call
me, the Qman.  

I am an activist who views myself as a compassionate conservative and a firm believer that my Lord, Christ Jesus not
only saves, but He also cares, and on this precept I have attempted to live my life.  For the better part of 40 years I
have been involved in some form of activism.  I and my associates, of whom one is my wife of 38 years, have fought
for the issues of the downtrodden, with children being our greatest focus.  We were instrumental in bringing one of
the first Child Advocacy Programs to District 14 in conjunction with the then Tree-county Mental Health Department
in the late 60’s.

We fought for the rights of an equal and fair education for Chicano student in District 14 and through the
Southwestern part of the United States.  I took on a corporate giants and organized workers to demand equality in
the workplace for Chicanos, women and other minority groups.  I am not a stranger to being escorted from the work
place for speaking against the inequities on the job or staging a demonstration in the hallowed halls of one these
nations giant corporations.  

I have served as a Cub Scout leader in our community, a little league coach, youth coordinator, Pastor and Co-
Pastor in Commerce City and in various communities outside of Commerce City.  This and much more while
supporting my family and attending college and eventually receiving a couple of degrees.  Oh yes and least I forget I
am a card carrying Union member and despite being retired I am still a dues paying member of the my Local.  For
the puppies that are fixated with my mention of money, in all of my actions as an activist I can proudly boast that to
this date I have never received a dime of money for any of my activities.  I am including in this fact that this includes
spending some ten years as both a Pastor and Co-pastor, my convictions are heart felt and not motivated by the
almighty dollar.

So much for myself.  I will begin by addressing part of the misinformation found on the Watch Puppy entitled simply
“Your School Board”.  Written in the Watch Puppy was the notation and I quote, “The Watch Puppy (Dog) strongly
believes that every child in the United States of America deserves the right to attend a great neighborhood school”.  
I direct you to the phrase, strongly believes, my assertion is if the puppies that put this tabloid together believe so
strongly on those principles then why do they not back this up by identifying themselves, as I do not hesitate to do in
my writings.  

There is an old adage the goes something like this, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a
duck”.  To which I note: if it walks like a coward, and squawks like a coward, then it must be a coward.  Individuals
who do not stand by their conviction and hide under the cloak of anonymity are disseminators of fear and hate and
in my estimation are no different then the hate mongrels who murdered those innocent victims in the Murrah Federal
Building in Oklahoma or the Twin Towers in New York City.  

I now direct you to a quote from the Watch Puppy.  “The Watch Puppy has stated before that the best way to
destroy a district is to cause distraction, take the districts focus off educating the kids and divert their attention on
defending their existence”.  Debate and dialog are the two basic stepping-stones in a democracy at every level,
added to this is accountability by all parties concern.

People in every aspect of our society need to be empowered and embolden so as to attain their rights as American
citizens.  Third world nations and dictators are the only venues where the powers in control squelch the voice of the
people.  The watch puppies would have the workers in the District ignorant of the fact that their power lies with their
right to vote.  It was this kind of thinking that kept African Americans and women from the voting booth until they
were informed of the power they have in their right to vote.  

The use of intimidation is another tool of cowards who hide under the cloak of anonymity.  Was not this the method
used by hooded riders of the night to attempt to bring fear into the hearts of Civil Rights workers all over this
nation?  By naming individuals I supposedly have ties with, these cowards figure these people will now start shaking
in their boots.  Frankly the only person I have any real personal ties with is my wife and neither of us has ever hid
the fact.  So the fact she is an employee of the district is not the great revelation they figured in identifying her as
one of my associates.

If I am to plead guilty to having any kind of an association with District officials or Board members I dare say it would
be one particular Board Member.  We have worked in the past together on school bond issues, have chatted with
each other at a Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center, shot the breeze when we encounter one and other around the
town as well as on the street where I live.  I have sought for and received assistance from the individual on matters
regarding my property and exchange pleasantries with the individual at the Rec. Center here in Commerce City.  I
will not name the person least they also become a victim of the watch puppy’s wrath.

Well what can one expect when they emulate the likes of individuals such as Kathleen Norris. First a small mistake
on the Norris quote, I believe it should be “Hate is all a lie, there is no truth in hate”.  Ms. Norris an influential and
acclaimed writer of the early 19th century and was known to entertain the Who’s who of Hollywood and New York.  
However she picked up many detractors including those she considered her peers when she joined with Charles
Lindbergh and opposed the United States as we as a nation came to the aide of Great Britain in the early days of
their struggles against Adolph Hitler.  Who and what, once again I ask are these individuals who show their coward
ness by not signing off their on their viewpoints.  

Let us speak for a moment of hate.  Hate is no greater then one’s ability to love those who in fact declare they hate
you.  Although I have spoken rather harshly to the writers of article in the watch puppy, yet I will be the first in line to
receive them with open arms and a warm hug if they were to approach me this moment.  Forty years of activism has
embedded on concept in my life in respect to children and the youth of our nation.  I too shall quote an individual
who placed a concern for children in my heart.  “And they brought also unto him also infants, that he would touch
them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them unto him and said, Suffer the little
children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God”.  I am quoting the word of Jesus
Christ.  If ever I am able to emulate anyone it would be my desire to see the children of this community as Christ saw
the children of his hour.

***************               UPDATE               ***************

Update Number 1
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Reflection on the watch puppy

I have obtained information that there are two investigations taking place regarding the distribution of the Watch
Dog, entitled “Your School Board”.  My understanding is that the investigation is focused on the naming of School
District employees and School Board members in the flier, which could perhaps place the individuals named in a
dangerous situation. Although I personally believe this may not have been the intention of the writers of this flier the
possibility does exist.  Further more the anonymous writer or writers of the flier used the US postal service to
distribute what could be construed as a form of hate literature.  

I do feel confident that this flier was not the work of anyone serving in any capacity within the School District.  My
observations have been that we have a very intelligent group of individuals serving the needs of our children,
however different our individual point of view may be.