Dr. J. Vernon Mc Gee

John Vernon McGee was born in Hillsboro, Texas, in 1904. Dr. McGee remarked, "When I was born and the doctor
gave me the customary whack, my mother said that I let out a yell that could be heard on all four borders of Texas!"
His Creator well knew that he would need a powerful voice to deliver a powerful message.

Dr. McGee's greatest pastorate was at the historic, Church of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles, where he
served from 1949 to 1970. There he began a daily radio broadcast called "High Noon Bible Class" on a single station.

Dr. McGee began teaching Thru the Bible in 1967. After retiring from the pastorate, he set up radio headquarters in
Pasadena, and the radio ministry expanded rapidly. Today the program airs on over 400 stations each day in the
United States and Canada, is heard in more than 100 languages around the world and is broadcast worldwide via the
Soon after being called to the Ministry I enrolled in the Berean School of the Bible which was a
correspondent school at the time.  Taking bible classes in this school was the supplement to the excellent
teaching I received in my home church by my Pastor, Bishop Frank Elijah Johnson for a period of six
years.  It was also during these six years and many more afterwards that I would also study the teachings
of the like of H.A. Ironside, Herbert Lockyer, Matthew Henry, J. Dwight Pentecost, Charles Finny, and
Dr. Walter Martin to name but a few.  However, I found Dr. John Vernon McGee to be the most
instrumental in setting the foundation for my knowledge of the bible.  I picked up and read many of his
books and writings.  I would listen daily to Dr. McGee’s, Thru the Bible program on radio a half hour
program in which he would teach the entire bible in five years.  I followed the Thru the Bible program for
ten years having studied the entire bible with Dr. McGee twice.

One lesson of enormous interest to myself was Dr. McGee’s study on How Can God Exist in Three
Persons?  I found in this teaching the most comprehensive explanation of the existence of the Trinity in a
manner that is founded on, first the word of God and then a concept that anybody would be able to grasp.  
The spiritual ramifications of this teaching are beyond belief, but also included in the teaching is the
application of a trinity in the day to day existence of we mortals.  This presentation is based on the
writing of Dr. McGee and my application to the present daily walk of mankind.