My portfolio is a testament to my efforts for the past 35 years, however it is not a record of
what I have accomplished but a record of what needed to be done and what still needs to
be worked on.  It dates back to June of 1956 when Mrs. Ruth M. Olander my 5th grade
teacher, Mr. Vlaanderen, the Principal at Central Elementary School and Bertha Heid,
County Superintendent acknowledge my first passion, reading.  The following year Mrs.
Kalisvaart awarded me with my second certificate for reading and this became my record
of the challanges that would dictate my need to see others had the opportunity to achieve
their goals in the educational system.
I have posted these pictures which are images of what is included in my portfolio.  They include
numerous recognition by a varity of Public Officials, Educators, Leaders in the business and labor
community, Clergymen and most important KIDS.  I have posted pictures of the diplomas I have
received, military discharge papers and awards, the front covered of a national Latino magazine where
I and early Hispanic Leaders in the private sector were recognized and my ordination certificates.  
These are but a few of the items in this 5 inch thick portfolio.