Why was the question even asked?

Why are we now so preoccupied with the concept of illegal when history has recorded
that we are a nation that makes a way to circumvent legal issues when it suites our
agenda.  Probably the most important question asked at the Thursday evening
candidate forum dealt with the issue of immigration.  The majority of the candidates
took the easy way out and passed off the issue to either the State/Federal government.
The question in itself was loaded, directed to single out the minority candidates as soft
on the issue of immigration.

Mr. Bullock, Toavs, Garcia and Montanez, all placed the spirit of the law EQUAL to
the letter of the law and gave a heartfelt answers.  The rest of the field appeared to
gather thoughts on the subject from talking point to cater to the majority in the
audience.  Only the four mentioned candidates addressed the question with
compassion for a group of individuals who saw our community as a place where hope

It is sad that the others did not seem to have the hindsight to answer the question
within the context of past historical accounts of immigration issues here in these
United States. Had they known how other immigrants and in fact non immigrants
have been treated by those who hold to the letter of the law, they may have had second
thoughts.  Easy answers do not require a need for compassion, had their existed the
same passion for the lives of fellow human beings as they do for the name of
Commerce City they perhaps would have seen the issue in a much different light.

Examples of where the letter of the law kept the masses content with their selves even
at the expense of the downtrodden.  Starting with the only true Americans in what we
proudly call the USA.  Native Americans, the American Indian, displaced time and
again by broken treaties, all said to be done legally and supported by law abiding
citizens.  Sent into a life of despair, after being driven from their land when gold,
silver, oil and other riches were discovered within the bowels of their sacred grounds,
their nation, their homes.   

Africans were brought here in the hole of slave ships and made chattel to their owners
and Americans, including Presidents considered this to be legal.  Later many of these
people were hung by white cloth citizens that included judges, teachers, and statesmen
in all arenas of government and yes some in the ministry and America sat back and
did not question the legality of these actions.

More recently and within the life time of many who sat in the Little Theater were the
Japanese American.  In turned in camps, their property taken from them because the
country they left for a better life had invaded our shores.  Earlier in history America
had a shortage of laborers, as it does now, and they called in workers from Mexico to
pick the crops to feed America, however when the depression hit this nation the
Mexican workers were rounded up, along with their American born children now US
citizens and sent packing back to Mexico.  Was this legal or illegal?  If we were to
believe the upstanding citizens of that day it was legal.

If we would stop and see the bigotry that every ethnic group has faces be they legal or
illegal maybe we muster an ounce of compassion for another human.  Every race,
every color and every creed has experienced what law abiding citizens deemed right, yet
others discriminated against each of these groups.  Irish, Italians, Jews, Mexican,
Spanish, German, Asian, African and yes the only true Americans, the indigenous
people of our country have all fallen victim to the letter of the law.  Upstanding
citizens, quoting the laws of the land to justify bigotry and ease their conscience.

On a global scale, six million Jews, Gypsies and Christians witnessed their last hours
in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Sobibor or Treblinka.  The
citizens under the rule of the Nazi’s sat back and allowed this to happen because this
was the law.  Many nations, including the United States ignored this because it was
not our problem.  But the bottom line 291,557 American men and women gave the
ultimate sacrifice so this would not happen again.  These individuals were Native,
Mexican, Italians, German, African, Irish, English, and Japanese Americans.  Yet we
have a small number of Commerce City Politian’s who have forgotten what America
is all about, and sadly some citizens who attended the forum March 22, 2007.

This is my opinion and I am the fourth of five generations of Mexican/Native
Americans who have served proudly in the Armed Forces of the United States of
America in hostile territories and every one of us would do so again despite the way we
are treated by those who adhere to the letter of the law.  All of us returned from our
service to this country only to be reminded by some patriots of this nation that our
blood may be red, but it lacks the white and blue.