Sometime in the late '90s, I was working on three different
manuscripts. The first was the account of my life which I
would later choose to entitle Just Larry.  I have change this to
a degree to that of a number of short stories involving
segments of my life.

The second manuscript was the story I would call Cool
Breeze.  Chuck Bressler the story of a young man abandoned
by his mother and her live-in boyfriend.  The story of
Bresslers travels from his childhood into manhood.

The third entitled The Heritage.  This story tells of a Chicano
political leader who saw the loss of his inheritance to a
ruthless white nation tyrant.  An individual who oversaw a
community that yielded big ranches.  Later vast riches of coal,
which lead to the creation of a small village into a thriving
town in a southwestern region.

I completed a third of one story, was better than halfway with
another and almost finished with the third when my computer
crashed. Previously I had taken the precaution of backing up
all three stories on an external Zip Drive. However, after
repairing my laptop and later purchasing a new computer, I
was unable to recover the files from the Zip Drive, which
today is stored in some box.   The cost to recover the data is
prohibitive so I must now either forget these three stories or
attempt to rewrite them.  This is a task I am struggling with
given the passage of many years.

As I recover my work, some stored on other backup venues I
am uploading to the Just Larry web site, read and hopefully