Brown Sugar - 1966

Many of the song written by a number of song writers came from a personal encounter or experience.  Shortly
after my discharge from the Army I drove to New Mexico to visit my grandma and one of my favorite aunts and
cousin who was a few older then I.  After spending a couple of days with my grandma I drove from Tramperos or
Agua Negra as some called it to Las Vegas to visit one of my aunts who always treated us with a special kind of
love.  Yes, my other aunts and uncles were nice but this aunt went out of her way to always make me feel special.
Shortly after arriving at my aunts home she indicated she was getting ready to go to work, but I could wait until
my cousin who was now working in a local bank came home, she also informed me that another one of my
cousins was in town who turned out to be the cousin who got me started in music and that he was staying at
another aunts house.  Well I decided to go look him up and maybe the both of us could drop in on the cousin who
was working at the bank.

I drove over to my other aunt and uncles house and sure enough my cousin was there, after a short visit there my
guitar playing cousin and I drove over to the bank for a quick visit to our other cousin.  We walked into the bank
and there was my cousin who was teller at the bank and we walked over and after giving a bit of a hard time
informed we would get together after he got off work and maybe party a bit at a local cantina.  
However, what really caught our attention was the teller in the booth next to my cousin.  There she stood, yes
another young lady, who was a total knock out.  This beautiful New Mexico Chicana with jet black hair, dark
brown eyes, and soft and silky brown complexion. What a babe, of course my guitar playing cousin hit on her and
she politely she brushed him off.  All I could do is take in the magnificence of this beautiful brown Chicana.

We drove back to the home of the aunt that my cousin was staying and like we had done many years before started
putting together a song about the girl we had just seen at the bank.  My cousin was now playing a solid body
guitar that he had built himself while doing some time in prison.  How he did it I do not know but it sounded
sweet when he played it and the only thing I could find to my dislike about this unique instrument was the color,
turquoise.  Never the less in a couple of hours we put together this song with one funky sound.

Brown sugar, be my brown sugar, honey
Brown sugar, just don’t keep for my money
Your so sweet, you make my life complete Sweet-Sweet Sugar - Brown Sugar

Brown sugar, how I love your deep dark tan
Brown sugar, how I’d like to be your man
But you don’t want me, just want to use me, Sweet-Sweet Sugar - Brown Sugar (G7)

Every time I see you - my heart skips a beat
Your brown body honey knocks me off my feet
No you don’t want me, just want to use me, Sweet- Sweet Sugar Brown Sugar

Brown sugar, cold dark hair and deep brown eyes
Brown sugar can you give me just one prize
Let me touch you, touch your soft brown thighs

MUSIC SOLO end in G7

Dance with me Sugar come and squeeze me tight
Hold me close Sugar makes me feel alright
Say you want me, that you need me sweet sugar Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar do you know that I exist
Can you show me just by sharing on sweet kiss?
Tell me baby I’m your Brown Sugar man
Ya tell me baby I’m your sweet Sugar man.