Welcome to Queskorner, your link to Commerce City, Colorado.  The site focuses on its people,
its politics, the highs and low of this place I grew up in.  From time to time I will share my
thoughts and opinions on matters taking place in this community.  Now pour yourself a cup of
coffee, glass of milk or if your morning thing is a Pepsi have at it and enjoy Queskorner.  FOR
I like my steak to taste like a steak.

Some time back I was out to dinner with friends at a place known for their steaks.  I just happen to
enjoy a fine steak, prepared on a barbeque grill or any grill, be it sirloin, T-bone, ribeye, you name
it.  Well we all ordered steak and I made this observation once the meal was served everyone at the
table reached for a variety of steak sauces, you know like A1, Worchester and so on and began to
liberally spread it on their steaks.  

Why I asked myself would you want to hid the flavor of a fine steak with these sauces, if that was
your intention you could have ordered any meat including hamburger and done the same at a small
fraction of the cost of a fine steak.  Now I love my medium rare juicy steak just as it come off the
grill so that I can absorb the flavor and taste of the meat I ordered.  I know when you grill a steak
you may tend to place some spices on the meat or perhaps even a rub of sorts, but when it gets to
you most of this has been cooked off, so you can enjoy the steak.

I see a number of aspects in life and living much like a having a fine steak.  Life needs in my
estimation to be enjoyed in it’s simplest and purest state, so you can enjoy the flavor of living.  I am
old school, a product of the 1950’s where living was easy you didn’t need all the sauces on the table
to enjoy life.  If you stop for a minute, at least those who lived and remember the fifties time were
good and simple.  

In those days we didn’t need all of the attachments that we cannot live without today.  A two or
three bedroom ranch style house with indoor plumbing, you needed one bathroom not two or three.  
Three bedrooms at the most, one for mom and dad, one for the boys and one for the girls, not a
room for every person in the house.  Central air was not needed, maybe a window fan after all the
windows were kept open in the summer and sometime even the doors.  

Then there was getting an education.  We had what was called the three R’s, Reading, wRiting and
aRithmatic, oh and the unspoken R, Respect.  And with this after 12 years we received a diploma
where 99 percent of the granulates knew and practiced the three plus one more Rs.

Today vast numbers of students finish 12 years of school and read at an 8th grade level, if that.  
They do not have the ability to do simple math to find this out just seem if they can make change at
a fast food place with out the cash register.  Sad to say few can write and their printing is not much
better and we are seeing more and more lack of respect by many in every aspect of life.  How can
this be when society today has every variety of sauce they can absorb into living.

I may be old fashion but I will always have my steak just as it came off the grill and enjoy its full
flavor and hope todays students could get as complete an education as I did in the 50's and 60's.  My
thoughts, my opinion!